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Board Policies
The Sultan School District has a process of  updating and revising  all of its policies and procedures on a continous basis.  Due to this process  some policies may be missing from the website and some links will not be active. If you are unable to access the policy or procedure you need, contact Cassie Plummer, Secretary to the Superintendent, at or (360)793-9801 x1006 for assistance.

1000 - Board of Directors
This series includes the bylaws of the Board, describes the terms of office and member responsibilities, the methods of governance, meeting structure, principles of operation and growth and development activities.

2000 - Instruction
The elements of the instructional program, specific arrangements of the school setting, dealing with specific needs for instruction, the use of resources in instruction and measuring student progress are described in this series.

3000 - Students
Students, their enrollment and attendance, their responsibilities and rights, discipline, corrective actions, punishment or sanctions, health and welfare issues, records and custody processes and activities are the focus of this series.

4000 - Community Relations
School and community relations involve communications with the public, participation by the public, public access to staff, students and school facilities and relations with other schools and agencies.

5000 - Personnel
This series includes the conditions of District employment, employment practices, compensation and benefits, leave policies, substitute employment and volunteer practices. Affirmative Action and sexual harassment policies are also included.

6000 - Management Support
This series includes the non-instructional operations of the District, including finance management, facilities, transportation, food service, health and safety issues, insurance, and records management.

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